DataCommandr is a self-service tool for mass market which is positioned as an "Excel for Big Data" or "Big Data Calculator". It was created with a single mission: radically simplifying and democratizing all kinds of operations with data for everyone with little or no help from IT. By making data manipulations easier for non-IT users, DataCommandr dramatically shortens the total time for data integration, transformation and analysis. LEARN MORE

DC Engine is a core-library responsible for all data management and analysis tasks of DataCommandr. It can be embedded in other client applications or servers. Also, it is going to be a core component of our scripting language for in-memory data analysis. LEARN MORE


16.03.2016 - Two papers have been accepted at the International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data (IoTBD 2016), 23-25 April, 2016, Rome, Italy

1. DataCommandr: Column-Oriented Data Integration, Transformation and Analysis.
2. Joins vs. Links or Relational Join Considered Harmful

30.09.2014 - DataCommandr 0.2 (demo2) released

This version significantly simplifies the previous design as well as changes many data manipulation patterns. All user interaction dialogs have been reworked.


DataCommandr was presented at the 4th International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications (DATA 2014) (under the previous name ConceptMix): ConceptMix: Self-Service Analytical Data Integration Based on the Concept-Oriented Model, Slides.


ConceptMix was renamed to DataCommandr. The new name better reflects our mission and the purpose of the product.

20.06.2014 - DataCommandr 0.1 (demo1) released

It is the very first version 0.1 of DataCommandr (called ConceptMix) used as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for demo purposes.